Planet and People

To me, ethical fashion is about planet and people. Cloe Cassandro is a thoughtful women-led business, committed to small scale, low waste production, excellent conditions for our artisans, and a truly sustainable supply chain.

“When I founded Cloe Cassandro, I made a promise to find real solutions to the environmental problems in the textile industry, namely reducing pollution and waste.“


Our fast drying, colour fast dyes ensure that our intricate designs are vivid, durable and sea water safe. BLUESIGN approved dyes are free from harmful chemicals, providing safer and more sustainable environments for our artisans.

For our linen pieces, we use plant based, completely natural dyes.


We recycle the wax used in our batik printing. The wax our artisans use is washed off, collected and recycled to be used again.


Our batik pieces are made from all natural 
silk crinkle. We choose 100% linen for our unprinted pieces. As well as being a richer, airier fabric, linen uses much less water to produce than cotton.

For our linen pieces, we use plant based, completely natural dyes.


All our packaging is free from plastic. We ship our dresses in biodegradable plant-based poly bags. Our swing tags are made from 100% recycled paper, and our tissue paper, parcels and paper stickers are all recyclable.

It’s really important to me that my pieces have a minimal impact on the planet. The textile industry’s biggest contribution to carbon emissions is overproduction, and waste. So with Cloe Cassandro, I’m doing everything I can to make our production totally circular. That means nothing is wasted, and everything is used, loved and reused.

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Send Me Your Well Worn Dresses

I am currently looking into new ways of ending the life of our customers’ well worn dresses in the most sustainable way. We will donate fabrics to companies that recycle fabric effectively with a variety of methods, including composting silk which makes it biodegradable.
Once you’re done wearing your dress, I’ll help ensure that your dress does not end up being burnt or in landfill, but instead goes back to the earth.

Simply send your well worn dresses back to me and I’ll gift you £50 off your next order (to top your Cloe Collection back up!)


The wellbeing of our makers comes first. All our tailors are able to work flexibly from home. Home-working helps preserve traditional artisan techniques and support individuals to earn a living alongside home and childcare commitments. This is especially important for women, who might otherwise not be able to earn their own income.

All our Batik artisans work in workshops that are safe and sustainably managed.

I founded Cloe Cassandro to support the struggling batik artisans of Bali, so everyone who makes Cloe Classandro pieces is paid a real living wage. It is our most important principle.

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