Brand Story

When my family started traveling to Bali over 15 years ago my mother met a local batik tailor - Erik. They struck up a friendship, and before long the first items designed by my mother, hand batiked and crafted by Erik were sold in a shop in Seminyak. This initial collaboration grew into the Cloe Cassandro brand, born from Cloe’s inspiration from her parents and the desire to support improved livelihoods for the skilled artisans and tailors of Bali. We now collaborate with an increasing number of artisans in Bali, and India, to create our handcrafted collections. Each piece exhibits the incredible skills, culture, heritage and creativity of those who make them. Each piece is completely unique.

"I want to keep the dying art of Batik alive and supply jobs

"I want to keep the dying art of Batik alive and supply jobs for Balinese men that have nothing but this skill."

for Balinese men that have nothing but this skill."

With the incredible response to our initial collections we realised we had created an opportunity to support artisans, many of whom work from home, to support themselves and their families with improved livelihoods through an increased demand for their creativity and skills. There was no turning back. By buying our product you support the artisans we work with to earn a decent living and a better livelihood, whilst being able to be their own boss and work flexible hours, often times from their own homes.

Home-working is common practise for many skilled artisans and tailors within garment supply chains. It can preserve traditional artisan techniques and support more flexible ways for individuals to earn a living; especially for women who would otherwise not be able to earn their own income whilst fulfilling their other responsibilities and providing for their families.

Sustainable Solutions

With an increasing understanding of the positive impact our collaborations could bring we are more determined than ever to provide beautifully made products to you. We are proud of the work that we have done but we have big aspirations for the work that we will do.

We want to support more and more skilled artisans by building the demand for the artisan economy. But we also know we can’t stop there, which is why we are embarking on a journey of continuous learning and improvement. We are committed to acting diligently and looking at the way we work to find areas in which we can improve. We will look for tangible ways to address some of the industry’s most pressing challenges such as waste and wages.

We don’t want to thrive if those who create our products don’t too. That’s why we are working to increase demand and in turn the incomes of those who work with us.

We hate to see any resource go to waste and want to protect this planet we all call home, for everyone on it.

We are committed to minimising our production waste and looking at ways to use less finite resources such as energy and water.

Our goals are simple but we believe by keeping them simple we can stay focused in our efforts to achieve them.

If you would like to learn more about the brand or our efforts to improve please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!


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